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Are You Struggling With Any of These Foot/Lower Leg Issues?

  • Foot Dysfunction (Stiff, Weak And Immobile Feet)

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Achilles Tendinitis/Tendinopathy

  • Ankle Instability

  • Ankle Impingement

  • Sesamoiditis/Big Toe Restrictions

  • Chronic Calf Tightness

  • Shin Splints

Our Foot, Ankle & Achilles Program is designed to help you get to the root cause of these issues.

It is full of detailed video walkthroughs, accessible on our platform, guiding you every step of the way.

You will receive the exact same treatment, training and world class approach that David uses with his private clients.
Unfortunately most people never receive the care they deserve. And as a result, they get trapped in what is known as.......

The "Rest-Reinjury Cycle".

So What Gives?

Are you just broken forever?

No! Let me pull back the curtain on an industry secret........

99% of coaches & therapists in this industry do not know anything about feet!

If you're an active person with aims of returning to action pain-free, the standard physio clinic will have you walking in circles.
Once you’ve told them your problems and exercise goals all you'll likely get is a foot rub and a handful of cookie-cutter exercises.
No concrete plan, no proven framework and unsurprisingly no progress.

Traditional Foot & Lower Leg Rehab (That Doesn't Work):

DGR Foot, Ankle & Achilles Rehab Protocol:

You Have Pain

You go to a Physio, you get a rub and they say it will be gone in a few weeks.

You go to another physio and they tell you that you need to do a zillion calf raises.
Yet, almost like clockwork, that familiar pain resurfaces as soon as you try to get back to your sport/activity.

But What If There's A Better Way?

I've distilled a decade of trial and error into a simple-proven 4 phase plan that has helped thousands of people eliminate their pain for good!

  • Phase 1: Sensory, foot function & soleus connection

  • Phase 2: Foot strength & learning to push through the floor

  • Phase 3: Strength , integration, & energy transfer

  • Phase 4: Plyometrics (pre-activation & energy coupling)

  • PLUS new bonus big toe & foot awakening sequence

Joel Smith

Strength Coach & Podcast Host

"David helped me to heal my achilles after 10 years of pain!"

Used & Trusted By Pro Athletes, Physio's & S&C Coaches from:


  • What if I'm already doing foot/achilles rehab?

    This program is likely to be much better than the other rehab you're currently doing, but if you feel like you have specific exercises that are proving helpful, feel free to add them into our program. You will get the best of both worlds!

  • Does this program include Plyometric training?

    Yes, we have an entire phase dedicated to (re)introducing you to plyometric exercises and to help you access new levels of athleticism.

  • Can I do other training while using this program?

    Yes, this program is designed to supplement and improve every other aspect of your training. You can also easily combine this program with any of our other programs.

  • Do I need any equipment?

    You don't need any equipment to complete the vast majority of the program. In Phase 3, there are some exercises that require access to equipment, e.g. Dumbbells, and/or a Trap Bar

How Does It Work?

  • Lifetime Access after a one time fee of just €127

  • Unlock the exact step by step guide David uses with all his lower leg clients

  • Easy to follow video demonstrations with no adverts

Ben's Achilles Rehab Journey