The Complete DGR Package

All our best selling programs in one bundle

  • Foot, Ankle, & Achilles Program

  • Lower Body Basics Phase 1: where I start with all my hip, knee & hamstring clients

  • Lower Body Basics Phase 2: the progression from LBB1

  • Upper Body Basics: where I start with all my wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck clients

  • Core Basics: where I start with all my lower back and core clients

I would give 10 stars if I could!


I could write an essay about how great the programmes are, but rather than bore anyone reading this, I'll just say: If you're considering which programme is best for you, honestly - just get them all! Don't make my frugal mistake and only get a couple and then end up buying the rest as single purchases. Buy the whole package from the get go - you won't regret it!

Bundle Up & Save €49